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We Take Pride In:
Mental Health: Residential Treatment (Children & Adolescents)
  • Our sound structure and consistency 
  • Our belief that each consumer will be enabled to overcome life's everyday obsticles with consistent structure
  • Our well trained and diverse staff
  • Working closely with the Unified Treatment team and all other instrumental people in the consumer's life to ensure successful implementation of his/her needs
  • ​Our accredited program through the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF).

We strive to empower and assist our consumers, their families, and other stakeholders in achieving an enhanced quality of life through the provision of clinically appropriate, person centered services, and therapeutic support.
  • Continue to utilize best health practices in order to offer young consumers (children & adolescents) cost effective, comprehensive, and personalized care based on individualized person centered plans.
  • Assist consumers through daily program participation and empower them to identify and attain success through their personal treatment goals.
  • Enable each consumer to accomplish specific therapeutic goals in an environment that is structured, safe, caring, and nurturing.
 Our Team
We have a dedicated and diverse care team made up of our Executive Director, Director of Operations, Clinical Director, Program Administrator & Coordinator, Qualified Associate Professionals, and Residential Counselors.
Our entire team undergoes training such as the following:
  • ​First Aid & CPR
  • Specific Population
  • Medication Administration 
  • Client's Rights / Confidentiality 
  • Seizure Management 
  • Person Centered Thinking 
  • NCI & Least Restrictive Intervention
  • Professional / Social Interaction