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GED Test Prep Services
Services Offered
STEM Afterschool & Summer Enrichment Programs
Placement Test Tutoring
The GED® test is your chance to get the job or career you want. The GED® test credential is the only high school equivalency credential recognized in all 50 states. Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting believes that everyone deserves a second chance!

  •  People with a high school credential earn $568,000 more in a lifetime than people without a high school credential
  •  The GED® test takes a little more than seven hours to complete
  •  More than 18 million people have passed the GED® test

The GED® test is administered year-round at more than 3,400 testing centers worldwide. The GED® test was created in 1942 as a second-chance opportunity. One decision shouldn’t define a lifetime—transform your life with the GED® test. 

Classes include:

Social Studies 

​Learners will be prepared to take the new, revised electronic version the examine.
At Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting we believe that everyone can learn and deserves a fair shot at enhancing or re-defining who they are by means of education, training programs, and consultation.

We offer a wide variety of services such as those listed below.
The North Carolina Community College System enforces a diagnostic and placement test for any and everyone seeking a degree. One is not permitted to pursue any course work beyond Developmental Classes if unsuccessful on the tests. We offer placement test preparation that includes a point of study based on individual needs, practice tests, and a guaranteed passing score. Save both time and money by allowing us to assist you.

North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Diagnostic and Placement Test contains 96 questions that measure proficiency in eight content areas. Those areas are as follows:
  •  Operations with Integers
  •  Fractions and Decimals
  •  Proportions, Rations, Rates, and Percentages
  • Expressions, Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities
  •  Graphs and Equations of Lines
  • Polynomials and Quadratic Applications
  •  Rational Expressions and Equations
  •  Radical Expressions and Equations

ACCUPLACER: Reading & Writing 
  •  Sentence Skills
  •  Reading Comprehension
  •  WritePLacer (writing test)

​ Numerous studies demonstrate that fulfilling the United States’ long-term economic needs can be done by advancing knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math. Our youth is growing up in an increasingly competitive global market place. Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting respects a truth that major investors of STEM education such as Chevron (reported to have invested over a half million dollars in K-12 students over the past 3 years) uses as a slogan, “Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Leaders”. Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting provides research based, well-rounded programs built and designed to foster Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education in boys and girls.

Afterschool Enrichment Program:

  • A Nurturing Environment
  •  Homework Assistance 
  • An Inventor’s Corner
  •  An environment that nurtures career exploration in STEM fields
  •  Project Based Learning that Compliments National Common Core Competencies 
  •  Access to Resources made Available by Leaders of STEM Education (NASA, ASC, NOAA)

Summer Enrichment Program:

  •   Supervised Mentorship with STEM professional 
  •  Career Exploration
  •  Research Skills
  •  Hands on Experiments 
  •  Problem Based Learning
  •  Structured Opportunities to Practice Innovation 
  •  Encouragement of Persistence